Minecraft for the Masters

Midgard is a Minecraft community for experienced players who want an enhanced vanilla experience.

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Get Paid To Play

Minecraft can be a job in an of itself, no need to "work", you can buy, sell, trade and get daily payouts of Coins (our in-game currency) to keep you going.

Worry-Free Experience

Constant looming threat of your server's map being reset or going offline permanently? We've been here for over 6 years. We're not going anywhere.

Resource World

Need lots of stone or dirt for your next big project? No problem. Our resource World, resource Nether, and resource End resets every 90-120 days.

Looking for a more mature experience?

Join other experienced and passionate players in our community. Apply for our whitelist today.

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Come Play Update Aquatic With Us!

We are currently back open and upgraded to 1.13 Update Aquatic. Come join us!

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